Ajay Devgan opens the secret of Bhola’sworld

Ajay Devgn to be part of the India-Australia ODI Match at Wankhede Stadium today.
Ajay Devgn to be part of the India-Australia ODI Match at Wankhede Stadium today.

They have every shape, size and character trait. The bad men ki baarat in Bholaa is big, fear-inducing, merciless and crazy. All through the film, villains pepper the screen adding the right intrigue and masala to the film.

The villains of Bholaa are a mixed bunch riding and clashing fast and fearlessly. They also have some talked-about dress codes. While the drug cartel has two solid biggies controlling it, the journey further has several inter-state gangs making their appearance and adding to the crazy fear one experiences on the journey.

Actor-filmmaker Ajay Devgn wanted a deadly bunch and he went about selecting them systematically. The biker gangs have stylish hoods, face masks and helmets. There are others in more desi attire.

Gangs are ready to go to any length to apprehend the crazy, ex-convict Bholaa but what they don’t realise is that he’s fearless. Bholaa is not someone who scares easily because he knows how to play the game of death. He’s ready for any kind of deadly challenge.

Speaking of how he got stylist Radhika Mehra to dress his villains up distinctively and differently, Ajay adds, “I wanted the menace to travel deep. The objective was to carefully construct different identities for the various baddies who show up in Bholaa’s path. In the world of Bholaa the only one who is crazier than the villains is Bholaa himself.

Of course, while the villains are all deadly and create life-threatening obstacles for Bholaa, Ajay Devgn plays a hero who will shake each one of the villains up beyond imagination. Confronting bad has never felt as good as it feels in the legend of Bholaa.

Bholaa will arrive at theatres near you from 30th March 2023.