I trusted Romaana blindly with ‘Kya Hota’ and he delivered his best”, says, award winning songwriter, Jaani.

I trusted Romaana blindly with 'Kya Hota' and he delivered his best
I trusted Romaana blindly with 'Kya Hota' and he delivered his best", says, award winning songwriter, Jaani.

One of the most popular and well-liked Indian music labels is Desi Melodies. The audience has consistently been made to dance or fall in love with Desi Melodies’ masterpieces.

And now,  Anjali Arora and Romaana’s new song “Kya Hota” from Desi Melodies has received praise from acclaimed lyricist Jaani, who has written incredible songs like, “Naah”, “Kya Baat Ay”, “Pachtaoge”, “Filhall”, “Titliyaan”, “Baarish Ki Jaaye”.

Titliyaan fame, Jaani not only wrote the lyrics for ‘Kya Hota,’ but he also produced and composed the peppy funk beat; reinventing the genre yet again with his uniqueness.

Speaking about the song, Jaani said, “Let me begin by saying that I am sincerely proud of Romaana and how far he’s come in his career; the trajectory he has had in the last few months has been amazing.

I trusted him with ‘Kya Hota’ blindly, and he delivered at his best; it’s an emotional song but packaged very differently, so it is difficult to pull off with such ease.

I am thrilled and satisfied with the way its video with Anjali came out, as always, Arvindr Khaira did his magic yet again!”

Check out their song now,

It’s great to see such young creative minds opening doors for experiments, and we are waiting to see what these talented artists create in the near future.

The song has been released on the official YouTube channel of Desi Melodies and has received over 10 million views worldwide.