This Saturday & Sunday, Sony TV’s ‘Indian Idol – Season 13 welcome Dharmendra Ji and Govinda.

This Saturday & Sunday, Sony TV’s ‘Indian Idol - Season 13’ to fulfill ‘India Ki Farmaish’ and welcome ‘HeroesNo.1’ – Dharmendra Ji and Govinda
This Saturday & Sunday, Sony TV’s ‘Indian Idol - Season 13’ to fulfill ‘India Ki Farmaish’ and welcome ‘HeroesNo.1’ – Dharmendra Ji and Govinda

Last weekend, the prestigious platform of Sony Entertainment Television’s singing reality show, ‘Indian Idol – Season 13’ announced its Top 12 contestants! Now, with the competition getting tough and entertainment double, this weekend, viewers will witness the, ‘India Ki Farmaish’ episode on Saturday!

On Sunday, celebrating ‘legends,’ the show will welcome Bollywood’s evergreen actor, Dharmendra Ji and everyone’s favorite actor, Govinda who is fondly also addressed as ‘Chichi’ for the, ‘Heroes No. 1’ special episode.

Making the evening even more, ‘musicana,’ Govinda’s wife Sunita Ahujaalong with their son Yashvardhan Ahuja will also be a part of the show!

Aap hai toh hum hai! The, ‘India Ki Farmaish’ special will see the Top 12 contestants fulfil the wishes of their many special fans.

To begin with, the cast of, ‘An Action Hero’ – Ayushmann Khurrana Jaideep Ahlawat followed by Umesh Makhija who is the founder of the ‘Rafi ji Fan Club’, Bhupinder Singh a viral traffic police officer, Madhu Lakhotia, a singer .

who sings in reverse, ace singers Sachet & Parampara and many more names from all over the country will put forward their ‘farmaish’ while supporting their favorite contestants.

Bhupinder Singh who supports Rupam Bharnarhia will showcase his unique traffic management skills through singing and, an impressed Ayushmann Khurana will profess his wish to play Bhupendra’s role if ever a film is being made on him.

Supporting Navdeep Wadali, Madhu Lakhotia who’s talent is singing in reverse, will not only surprise everyone with her skill but will also make everyone present chuckle a little with her reverse singing.

There’s more, Jaideep would be seen requesting Navdeep to sing the song, ‘Tu Mane Ya Na Mane’ in his authentic voice bringing out the lineage of the, ‘Wadali Brothers.’

Vineet Singh will be overjoyed meeting his biggest fan, Umesh Makhija who presents him with ‘vinyl CD’ signed by Rafi ji and would request Vineet to give his autograph on it as well.

Fans of Rishi Singh, music composers Sachet and Parampara will be seen sharing some exciting trivia on the much popular song ‘Bekahyali.’

Leading into Sunday, Govinda will reveal how lucky he feels to have been meeting Dharam ji for 14 years!

While both the ‘heroes’ thoroughly enjoy the performance put forward by the Top 12 contestants, viewers will also get to witness the amount of love, respect and adulation Govinda has for his Idol, Dharma Ji.

Reciprocating the same, Dharam ji too will be seen talking about the sweet camaraderie he shares with Govinda making which further highlights their bond.

Surprising Dharam ji, in a sweet moment, Sunita Ahuja will get parathas for Dharmendra ji who thoroughly enjoys every bite.

Not only this, the legendary actors will also share many interesting trivia and moments from their time in the entertainment industry.

Delivering extraordinary performances this week, the Top 12 contestants; Rishi Singh from Ayodhya, Bidipta Chakraborty, Anushka Patra, Debosmita Roy, Sonakshi Kar, Senjuti Das from

Kolkata, Chirag Kotwal from Jammu,Vineet Singh from Lucknow, Navdeep Wadali from Amritsar,Shivam Singh, Kavya Limaye from Gujarat, Rupam Bharnarhia from Amritsar will surely leave the viewers mesmerized with their singing talent!