The papparazzi recently caught up with actor Karanvir Bohra who played weight lifter when he picked up Poonam Pandey effortlessly for a photo opp at the behest of the media. Poonam did not seem to mind either.

Now, the latest is that Shivam Sharma, the third of this RIM musical Tere Jism Se… triangle is mysteriously missing from the poster and the poster launch at Bora Bora, Juhu.
Producer Karan Patel and co-producer Rupali Mangle, the driving forces behind Tere Jism Se… and Rising Indie Music, rubbish the rumours of a possible fallout.

“The look of the poster was always the duo Karanvir Bohra and Poonam Pandey. And Shivam is in Delhi. Why the actor did not comeback from the capital is a question that is in our minds.

Executive Producer Vipin Medhekar also chooses to remain silent when questioned.
Tere Jism Se… Is in the news because of its Lock Upp casting coup besides the chemistry of the trio Poonam Pandey, Karanvir Bohra and Shivam Sharma.