Aayush Sharma reveals his rendezvous with social media in a TedX Talk

Aayush sharma tedex
Aayush sharma tedex

Bollywood’s young and talented star Aayush Sharma, recently poured his heart in an open, honest and candid conversation with young students of a college in Pune, while throwing light on his ‘Rags and Riches story on Social Media’.

Opening up about the varied aspects of social media and the change of perception and approach on the internet over the years, Aayush Sharma engaged in a hearty interaction connecting with his young audience. Putting forth his earnest, witty and candid persona, Aayush won hearts at the TedX Talk

Aayush was greeted with abundant love from his young fans as they lined up for selfies and danced with Aayush on his chartbuster Chogada.

Currently, gearing up for his upcoming untitled film ‘AS03’, Aayush Sharma recently revealed the teaser announcement offering a glimpse into the mytho modern action adventure. In addition, Aayush is also working on another interesting film, which the actor announced with a still earlier this year.