The festival of Navratri is all about colours, dandiya, garba, togetherness and positive vibes, and while the pandemic has restricted the physical celebrations this year, lots of memories from the vibrant festival are being remembered through tons of throwbacks!

Being an absolute dance lover, actress Srishty Rode is missing Navratri celebrations quite a lot! Srishty is missing dressing up and going to all the dandiya and garba events around the city, which she would thoroughly enjoy to the fullest!

Speaking about her cherished Navratri memories, Srishty shares,”Navratri is such a fun and vibrant festival and one which has always brought with it amazing vibes every single year. Navratri radiates positivity, lots of light, love and togetherness among people, and while celebrations are going to be at a halt this year, the spirit is still very much alive. I am someone who loves dancing and in the past have attended a lot of dandiya and garba nights with my friends, which I am sadly going to miss attending this year. I just love observing how people get into the spirit of dancing so whole heartedly and with full zest while playing dandiya and garba! It’s amazing to see how non dancers also bring out the best of their dancing potential during Navratri, because of their love and passion for the festival which is beautiful to watch! I am also missing dressing up in that typical traditional attire when going for these events, as that was something I really enjoyed doing, and pray and hope that next year gives us all the chance to celebrate Navratri in full spirit.”


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