Mumbai, 19 October 2020: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is not just a name but a sensation whose fan following spans across ages and geographies. Be it action, comedy, ring or reel – there’s nothing The Rock hasn’t aced. And a legend like him truly deserves to be celebrated! From his original series to his aggressive flick on big picture screen, everything about him makes for a perfect cast. Dwayne Johnson who is the most sought-after actor in the world is often stated to have the Midas touch for everything he touches becomes an instantaneous hit. This festive season, come feel the JALWA of the world’s biggest superstar on the Dwayne Johnson Mania only on Zee Café and &flix. With tons of action features lined up and a reality show that screams bigger and bolder every time you watch it, Dwayne Johnson Mania is geared to bring to you blockbusters like never before. With a reality show that pits fitness buffs against each other in Titan Games Season 2 premiering Monday, October 19th 2020 which is then followed by a special block of his most jaw breaking action and comedy movies ever day 7PM onwards

The inspirational idol that Dwayne Johnson is, his fortunes and fame stretches from his time as a WWE wrestler to an actor and now a creator and host to television’s biggest reality show, Titan Games. From boxing champions to UFC champions, Season 2 on Zee Café also features an Olympic gold medallist as the show returns with new challenges and tougher tasks that see competitors bring back the blood, sweat and toil. A highly competitive series that tests your endurance-based on mental and physical challenges of ‘epic proportions’, will see challengers vie for the coveted title of being crowned Pro Titan.

With fans embodying every aspect of his iconic lifestyle of living large, &flix brings some of biggest brawnier action movies that scream loud, be it the high-speed car chases in Faster, playing a life-threatening game in a jungle in Jumanji: The Next Level or a suicide extraction missionfrom the bowels of South Americain The Rundown (Welcome To The Jungle).

Tune in to smell what the rock’s cooking every night 7PM onwards and watch as athletes battle it for glory in an arena with Titan Games airing weeknights at 9PM on Zee Café


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